I am 20 years old. I'm Swedish but I grew up in Luxembourg. Now I live in Sweden and am studying real estate. 

When I was 17 the cupcake craze was at it's peak and I fell in love with baking them. I loved the way that you could combine the different flavors and that they looked so pretty! When I moved to Sweden after graduating High school in 2012 I got tired of just baking cupcakes so I moved on to other things, cakes, desserts etc etc. I realized that there are so many simple ways that you can create something really delicious and pretty that can just make any dinner or coffee break a little more glamorous and those are the things that I like to focus on. Pretty and delicious but not to difficult.

This blog is a combination of the things that I love. Baking, decorating and DIYs. 
Even though I might not know a lot about fashion and beauty I still find it interesting so you will find a bit of it here as well. 

You can contact me at sofiaviolam@gmail.com

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