Monday, March 9, 2015

Five Details from my desk

For some odd reason I've always had this little obsession with my desk looking nice. 
The only problem is that I constantly want to change it. I find inspiration for things like this on a daily basis and the last thing that I changed was that I added a notice-board. 

What I always try to do when it comes to my desk is to keep a lots of my favorite things and items that are filled with memories on there with out it looking to cluttered. And that can certainly be a challenge!

I made the notice-board by buying this frame and notice board at Ikea. I just cut out a round out of the notice-board that fit in the frame and that's it! I am really happy with the result!

I keep some treasured recipes, a postcard from a good friend of mine and my old class photo under a piece of glass on the right side of my desk. 
The recipes are ones that have been used by my family, one that my mother just cut of the back of the flour packet back in the early 90's and that I grew up with. My uncles recipe for his chocolate chip cookie recipe and then also my mothers recipe for her homemade bread. 

Candy on a stack of magazines. After I bought them I realized that they tasted horrible but I didn't want to throw them away so I just put them here in hope that one of my friends will like them. 
My sister and I made the bow and glasses (and a lot of other things) for a photo booth that we had at my mothers wedding. 

Law books, my favorite necklace and my computer. You can find the DIY for the computer cover here! I love how classy and simple it looks! 

No. Obviously I don't always keep sweet treats on my desk but it looked so pretty so I had to take a picture of it! You can find the recipe for it here

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