Friday, December 19, 2014

Five Details

How I spend a lot of my free time. Either on my computer, on my phone, baking or finding inspiration for all kinds of things (fashion, interior design or cooking) in magazines. 

Flowers really are an understated gift. I rarely have fresh flowers at home and they just do so much for your space. I love both giving and getting flowers as a gift (obviously I only give them to people who I know will enjoy them and take care of them). 

Sometimes I get creative. This wall is one of my favorite parts of my room. It's filled with different memories. Postcards, a cap that means a lot to me, photos, the luxembourgish flag and a bunch of paintings and drawings that I've made, drumsticks, bunny ears and so much more! 

A daily reminder to say yes more often. 

Starting to miss summer and spending time with my family in our summer house. The room behind this window is where we always eat our meals (if we're not eating outside). I just love to sit around that table, especially in the evening when my sisters kids have all gone to sleep and it's just us grownups left. Each time I learn something more about them. 
This summer was extra special because my grandparents were there. They're both over 90 years old and they just know so much and have so many stories to tell. 

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