Tuesday, December 23, 2014

DIY Candy bags

I got a little bag from my good friend Gabriella that was filled with different kinds of soap from Lush.
I thought that it was cute and wanted to do something similar for my sister and her family but instead of soap i filled with homemade candy. 
I made some candy (using this recipe) and then I didn't have any bags to put them in so I made some myself. This is how I made them. 

What you need: 
Wrapping paper (It's best if it's made out of paper and isn't shiny or covered with plastic, it will hold it's shape better that way). 
A pen or pencil
Something to fill the bags with. 

How to make them: 
Start with the sides and bottom. 
Step1: Cut out a piece of wrapping paper that is about 30x40cm.
Step2: Start by drawing a line that is 6+7+6+7cm long (so 26cm). Make sure that you have about 8cm to spare below the line. Draw a dot on the line after 6cm, another dot after 7cm, again after 6cm. 
Step3: Draw a line from each dot that is directed upwards and that is 11cm and then also one on each side of the line. 
Step4: Draw another  26cm long line on top so that you now have four rectangles
Step5: Under the second rectangle from the left you are now going to draw another rectangle. Where you drew the dots you are going to draw two lines that are directed downwards and 6cm long. Then connect them with a 7cm long line at the bottom. This is going to be the base that the bag stands on. 

Continue with the lid and what connects the sides. 
Step6: On top of the square to the right you're now going to make a little lid or flap that will make you able to close the bag. Draw a dot 1cm in from each side and then draw a line upwards from each dot that is 2cm long.
Step7: Connect the edges so that you have the sides for the lid. 
Step8: Now you are going to draw 4 smaller flaps. 3 underneath of the sides and then one on the side of the square to the right. (look at the picture, that ill make it a lot easier!)
Step9: Cut the whole thing along the sides. 

Time to start folding. 
Step10: Start folding each and every line that you have drawn. Also fold the rectangles that are furthest to the left and second to the right right down the middle. 
Step11: Glue the first flap together with the bottom square. Make sure that they're on the inside  and that all the sides are aliened so that you don't have to see them on the outside. 
Step12: Continue with the rest of the flaps. 
Step13 and 14: The end result should look like this.

Step15: Now you can fill it with your Christmas candy. I used this recipe and wrapped each piece with baking paper.  Now You just have to close the lid. You can seal it with tape, glue or wax like I did. 

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