Saturday, August 2, 2014

That calls for a celebration

Well I am one happy lady!
Last Monday I took the train down to Lund to go to a job interview. The interview went great and 24 hours later I found out that I got the job. A full time job at a real estate agency. So I really wanted to celebrate that with a fun drink since I don't make drink recipes that often, (cough, cough, never, cough).
I just mixed cranberry juice and champagne but instead of ice cubes I I used frozen melon balls which is a fun little addition to your drink, still cools your drink down but doesn't make it become ''watery'' just like the ice does when it melts.

What you need:
Water melon 
A melon baller

How you make them: 
Step1: Use your melon baler to cut small balls out of the melon and cantaloupe. 
Step2: A) You can either just put them in the freezer over night just like that, that way you 
                    can just put them in your drink later and they'll just float around. 
              B) You can also put them on a large toothpick or BBQ sticks and then put them in 
                    the freezer over night. That way you can easily take them out and eat them later. 
I choose to put them on BBQ sticks that I decorated with small flags where you can write names or other things. 

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