Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Paper garland

I made these for my birthday party that I hosted last Saturday! Obviously they weren't hanging over my bed during the party, I hung them over the table where we ate dinner. 
They are quite time consuming to make because you have to cut out all the triangles but I really love the end result! I love how such a simple thing can make any dinner so much more festive!
I made a total of 12 meters of garlands and made about 100 triangles (in total) in four different colors. If you can't find sturdy paper fold the paper in half and glue the edges of the triangles together so that they become thicker.
The whole process takes about two and a half hours

What you need: 
Paper in different colors 
Ribbon (I brought 12 meters of thick ribbon)
liquid glue (a normal gluestick won't last)
A pen
Clothing iron or hair straightener - optional

How you make them: 
Step1: Start by deciding on how big you want your triangles to be and draw it on a piece of paper. 
Step2: Cut out the triangle that is the size that you like. I made mine so that they were 7cm on each side. 
Step3: Use the triangle as a stencil so that they are all the same size. Start by cutting out 25 in each color and then just make more later if you need them. 
Step4: If your ribbon isn't flat or straight enough I would suggest that you either iron it or go over it with a hair straightener. 
Step5: Start gluing your triangles to the ribbon, leave even space in between each triangle. I tried to leave 4cm in between each one. 
Step6: Let the glue dry and then you are ready to hang them where ever you like. I used ticky tack to attach them to the walls and ceiling. 

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