Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Instafavorites from July

My absolute favorite spot at my summer house is in a swing under my cherry tree, you have a view of the whole front yard and it's just really relaxing to sit there.  //  While we were lying on my bed with our feet up against the wall my niece said that she thought that she would get longer legs then me. And that just made me thing of how she won't always be this little, soon she'll be just as old as me.. That is going to happen way to soon!  //  Red white and blue cake, a very 4th-of-July-looking picture.

This months obsession has definitely been Frozen grapes I just can get enough of them!  // And this is where I've spent my summer. Well half of my summer, the other half I've spent at work.  //  Well this is what I looked like when I found out that I got the job that was number one on my list. I am so happy about it and it really feels like I'm starting to grow up now, I mean I have a full time job! I have definitely earned some grownup points!  

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