Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Paper garland

I made these for my birthday party that I hosted last Saturday! Obviously they weren't hanging over my bed during the party, I hung them over the table where we ate dinner. 
They are quite time consuming to make because you have to cut out all the triangles but I really love the end result! I love how such a simple thing can make any dinner so much more festive!
I made a total of 12 meters of garlands and made about 100 triangles (in total) in four different colors. If you can't find sturdy paper fold the paper in half and glue the edges of the triangles together so that they become thicker.
The whole process takes about two and a half hours

What you need: 
Paper in different colors 
Ribbon (I brought 12 meters of thick ribbon)
liquid glue (a normal gluestick won't last)
A pen
Clothing iron or hair straightener - optional

How you make them: 
Step1: Start by deciding on how big you want your triangles to be and draw it on a piece of paper. 
Step2: Cut out the triangle that is the size that you like. I made mine so that they were 7cm on each side. 
Step3: Use the triangle as a stencil so that they are all the same size. Start by cutting out 25 in each color and then just make more later if you need them. 
Step4: If your ribbon isn't flat or straight enough I would suggest that you either iron it or go over it with a hair straightener. 
Step5: Start gluing your triangles to the ribbon, leave even space in between each triangle. I tried to leave 4cm in between each one. 
Step6: Let the glue dry and then you are ready to hang them where ever you like. I used ticky tack to attach them to the walls and ceiling. 

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Obsession

Last week I decided that I wanted to try something new makeup wise. I haven't been the biggest fan of lip products before. I've just always really disliked the feeling of my lips being constantly sticky but I really wanted to get a new lipstick in quite a bold color. I ended up buying the Rouge allure velvet from Chanel in the shade La Sensuelle (40). Obviously, since this is a weekly addiction post, I loved it! I love that it's matte and it stays on for a long time!
I pair it with the Perfect Lipliner from IsaDora in the shade Plum (42).

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Salmon and veggie rice

This is a really simple recipe and it is something that I like to just throw together when I'm in a hurry or don't really feel like cooking. Basically it's just rice with veggies and salmon but the creme fraiche adds a creamy texture and makes all the flavors together.  
If you are in a hurry I suggest that you use rice that you don't have to boil for very long. 
This dish takes about 10 minutes to make.

What you need for one portion
one piece of salmon
Half of a small bell pepper (i used two different colors)
1 dl chopped up zucchini
5 cherry tomatoes. 
1dl rice
0.5dl cremme fraiche
Olive oil 

How you make it: 
Step1: Start by cutting the salmon into small cubes and then fry them on medium heat in a little olive oil. 
Step2: cut the bell pepper and zucchini into small cubes and add them to the salmon after about 5 minutes and raise the temperature. 
Step3: Start cooking your rice. 
Step4: Slice the cherry tomatoes and add them and season everything with some salt and pepper. Fry everything until the salmon is done. (The veggies should be soft but still a little crunchy on the inside). 
Step5: Add the rice and the creme fraiche to the veggies and stir it all together. (If you want to store some of it and heat it up some other time don't add the creme fraiche yet, do that when you're planning on eating it). 
Step6: pour it all into a bowl and enjoy. 

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekly Obsession.

Since I have a tendency to get slightly addicted to things I've decided to start shearing those things with you. I'm one of those people who starts liking something and when I do I don't just like it, I loooove it(!!) ... until I get tired of it about one or two weeks later.
It can be anything from clothing, makeup, songs, food, places or websites.
I think it's a way of making this blog a little more personal in the way that I share things that I actually love and it's a way for you to get to know this chaotic person writing to you from the other side of the screen a little better. 
So I hope that you enjoy this new segment called Weekly Obsession

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chocolate chip cookie s'mores

I think I just died and went to heaven. I am a HUGE fan of s'mores, the graham crackers, the chocolate and the gooey marshmallow in the middle, it's just to die for. 
Yesterday I think I found a new and better version of the original s'more. In stead of using the graham crackers and chocolate you use chocolate chip cookies. The good thing about this is that if you make the chocolate chip cookies so that they're still a bit soft in the middle the s'more crumbles a lot less so you avoid getting half of it on your lap while eating it!

What you need: 
My chocolate chip cookies 
BBQ sticks

How you make them: 
Step1: Make small chocolate chip cookies using this recipe.
I used teaspoons to measure out the dough so that they didn't become too big. 
Step2: When you are sitting around the fire or the grill put a marshmallow on a BBQ stick and roast it until it is golden brown on the outside. 
Step3: When your marshmallow is roasted take two chocolate chip cookies and put the marshmallow in the middle. 

If you want the cookies to be warm just microwave them for a minute or two before you serve them, then the chocolate will be nice and runny too. 

As a lot of you might already know I am a huge fan of cozy evenings with my friends. I mean, I love going out with my friends too but I absolutely adore just sitting and talking over dinner or just in a cozy environment where there's no pressure and you can just take it easy. For me those are some of my best memories that I have with my friends. 

Yesterday I had some of my coworkers over at my house after work and I really wanted it to be one of those cozy evenings. We have a giant tree in my garden and if you sit under it it almost feels like you're sitting in a room because half of the tree is surrounded by different types of bushes. My family and I usually sit there after dinner and the sun has set, then we start a fire and just enjoy each other's company.  

So I did the same with my coworkers. One of my friends asked me if I could bake something so I made some chocolate chip cookies, bought marshmallows and a bunch of drinks and snacks, hung up a bunch of lanterns in the tree and bushes, started a fire and lit some candles. I was so awesome that she asked me to bake something because if I hadn't baked those chocolate chip cookies I wouldn't have stumbled up on one of the most delicious combinations ever. I just love it when things work out!
I am so happy with how it all turned out, it was so cozy and everyone loved it and had a great time. It was the last night for three of them so it was a nice way to end the summer we've all spent together.  

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Instafavorites from July

My absolute favorite spot at my summer house is in a swing under my cherry tree, you have a view of the whole front yard and it's just really relaxing to sit there.  //  While we were lying on my bed with our feet up against the wall my niece said that she thought that she would get longer legs then me. And that just made me thing of how she won't always be this little, soon she'll be just as old as me.. That is going to happen way to soon!  //  Red white and blue cake, a very 4th-of-July-looking picture.

This months obsession has definitely been Frozen grapes I just can get enough of them!  // And this is where I've spent my summer. Well half of my summer, the other half I've spent at work.  //  Well this is what I looked like when I found out that I got the job that was number one on my list. I am so happy about it and it really feels like I'm starting to grow up now, I mean I have a full time job! I have definitely earned some grownup points!  

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

That calls for a celebration

Well I am one happy lady!
Last Monday I took the train down to Lund to go to a job interview. The interview went great and 24 hours later I found out that I got the job. A full time job at a real estate agency. So I really wanted to celebrate that with a fun drink since I don't make drink recipes that often, (cough, cough, never, cough).
I just mixed cranberry juice and champagne but instead of ice cubes I I used frozen melon balls which is a fun little addition to your drink, still cools your drink down but doesn't make it become ''watery'' just like the ice does when it melts.

What you need:
Water melon 
A melon baller

How you make them: 
Step1: Use your melon baler to cut small balls out of the melon and cantaloupe. 
Step2: A) You can either just put them in the freezer over night just like that, that way you 
                    can just put them in your drink later and they'll just float around. 
              B) You can also put them on a large toothpick or BBQ sticks and then put them in 
                    the freezer over night. That way you can easily take them out and eat them later. 
I choose to put them on BBQ sticks that I decorated with small flags where you can write names or other things. 

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