Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer House Details

This is by far my favorite room in our summer house. My mother and sister renovated it two years ago, Painted the wooden floors and ceiling white and the walls in a really light shade of purple.  Almost everything in this room are in different shades of white, purple or pink except for some pieces like the chairs and the table.
Everything except for the bedside tables, lamps and the beds are things that have been passed down thru the family or things that came with the house when my grandfather bought it 20 years ago.

If there is one thing that shows you that my sister Lina has been involved in the renovation of this room just look at the curtain rod above the table. It's just a stick that she hung over the window and hung the curtains on. 
I love it, it's things like that that make this room feel so homey. She also made the pillow cases on the bed and came up with the idea to put that cute paper in the drawers like they did during the 60's. 

This is the type of environment that I think of when I think of a summer house.

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