Thursday, July 3, 2014

Instafavorites from June

No better way to brighten up a rainy day then with some flowers!  //  Something that is so typical when it comes to me is that I can go shopping for something and get home with the most random things. This time I went shopping for a pair of black jeans and came home with a pair of vampire fangs instead… why not.  //  Luxembourg decorated one of their main shopping streets with 2100 umbrellas floating in the air. So beautiful. I just couldn't stop myself from smiling! 

When I came back to Sweden from Luxembourg I went to Copenhagen with two friends of mine to see John Mayer perform at Tivoli which is quite a small venue. It was so great. I find it hard to understand how someone who is so great just becomes better and better. I've seen him perform three times now and each concert is better then the last. A funny part about that night is that when my friends and I were walking back to the train station to get back home we were singing 'Dear Marie' really loud and all the sudden the drummer and one of the backup singers came out of a hotel right in front of us. 
I wish that I could have been cool and had just gone up to them and told them that it was a great show but nope. We all froze and just starred, kept walking like nothing had happened and then all turned around and starred again. Why aren't you cool Sofia.. whyyy?!  //  just saw some pretty clouds on my way to my summer house.  // I'm so happy about how my computer turned out! I literally can't look at it without smiling at the moment! If you want to know how I made it just look at my DIY for it!  

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