Saturday, July 5, 2014

Homemade Toblerone with hazelnuts

Well my main goal with these goodies was to get them to sparkle.. But that didn't happen. Instead it just looks like they're covered with small holes on the outside. Thankfully that didn't stop them from being delicious!! It was a total coincidence that they ended up tasting like Toblerone! I just wanted to make a ganache filling with caramel and hazelnuts inside. (Love it when things work out! wiiiih!) 
They take a while to prepare but actual time that you spend making them is about one and a half hour. 

What you need:
2dl cream                                                                   Ice cube tray
1dl sugar                                                                    mixer
1dl syrup
100g hazelnuts
200g dark chocolate
400g milk chocolate

How you make them:
Start with the caramel:
Step1: In a sauce pan bring 1dl cream, the sugar and syrup to a boil. Let it boil until you can take some out with a spoon and pour it into a glass with cold water. It should me really hard when you take it out of the water a few seconds later.
Step2: Spread out your hazelnuts on a piece of baking paper and then pour the caramel on top of them and let it solidify.

Continue with the ganache:
Step3: Chop up your chocolate and put the pieces into a heatproof bowl then bring the other 1dl cream to a boil and pour it over the chocolate. Let the chocolate melt and then just mix it all together so that you have a shiny ganache.
Step4: Break the caramel into pieces and put them in a mixer and mix until you have loads of tiny pieces. Add it to the chocolate ganache and mix it all together.

Prepare the mold:
Step6: Temper your milk chocolate and then pour it into the ice cube tray. Leave it there for one minute, tap the tray against the table a few times to get rid of any air bubbles then pour it back out so that you are only left with the sides covered in chocolate. Scrape of the chocolate that is on top of the dividers so that you can see a clear line in between every chocolate cube. 
Step7: Put the filling in a piping bag and pipe it into the mold but stop when you're about 2mm from the top edge. You need to fill it with chocolate too. (if your filling is to hard to pipe put the piping bag in the microware for about 15 seconds).
Step8: Pour chocolate over the filling. Tap the tray against the table again a few times to get rid of any air bubbles that might be there and then scrape of the excess chocolate from the top. Again, you should be able to see the dividers between the different cubes.
Step9: Now leave the tray in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours.
Step10: Now the only thing you have to do is to take the chocolates out of the ice cube tray and put them on a plate.

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