Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Five Favorite - Restaurants

Most of these restaurants don't only have the most amazing food but also have a sentimental value to me. These places are places I always go to whenever I'm there. 

1. Greenblatt's Deli (Los Angeles)

Greenblatt's deli is a small deli that is located on sunset dlvd. It's one of those places that if you don't know that it's there you won't even notice it when you walk past it. 
A lot of the things that they have on their menu are Sandwiches and salads but I have never been to another deli that has had the same amount of flavor in their food! I absolutely adore this place and can't wait till I get back to Los Angeles just to go back to Greenblatt's. 
Whenever I go to Los Angeles this is always the first stop. Right after we have gotten to our hotel and just want to get something to eat this is the place we go to. My parents used to always go there when I was little and just wanted to stay home and watch TV but as I got older I fell in love with the place!
2. Chi-Chi's (Luxembourg) 
Chi'Chi's Is my favorite restaurant at home. It is a Mexican restaurant where they have the most amazing fajitas and quesadillas! 
Whenever My sister Lina is in Luxembourg this is a place that we have to go to, she loves it just as much as I do! 
3. Paradise Cove beach cafe (Los Angeles) 
The paradise cove is located right on the beach in Malibu. This is a fish restaurant and also another place we don't miss out on whenever we're in Los Angeles. 
They have a gigantic selection of different types of seafood! Obviously there are other things to eat there as well but if you go there you should really try the seafood! 
4. Tao uptown (New York)
Tao is a Asian restaurant that i've only been to once but it instantly became one of my favorite restaurants! We can start with the fact that the venue is just amazing! 
I went there with three friends and what we did was that we all ordered different things so that we could then taste from the otheres and there was not a single thing on that table that i didn't like! They have everything from different types of sushi, noodles and fish.. the list goes on and on!  
.5. Viggos (Lund, Sweden) 
Best hamburgers I've ever had in Sweden with homemade, juicy patties! They also have a great selection of different beers and ciders! There isn't really a lot of other things that I need to say about this place. 

Now I'm going to go in to the kitchen and eat something because this post made me extremely hungry for thinking bout all the delicious food! 

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  1. You have Asians, Swedish, Mexicans and a deli on your list. I see your taste varies when it comes to food, but your picks are all awesome. After all, there are far too many kitchen delicacies in this world to limit yourself to just one. Thanks for sharing your favorites on the list!

    Diane Baker @ Alejandra’s Restaurant