Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Marble Macbook cover

How to make your own marble macbook (or any other type of computer that you might have) cover.

About a month ago I saw a picture of a girls macbook that had a gorgeous cover so that it looked like marble. Instantly I knew that I really wanted one too. I thought that it just look's so sophisticated and simple. 
I went online and looked for one and the ones that I found were really spendy so I figured that I would just make my own. 

What you need: 
marble adhesive paper (Obviously it doesn't have to be marble, it can be any pattern you want!) 
A realy sharp knife
An eyewear cleaning cloth

How you make it: 
Step1: Cut a piece of marble adhesive paper that is about 2cm wider than your computer on each side.
Step2: Take of half of the the paper that is on the back and slowly start attaching the sticky side of the paper on top of your computer.
Don't just do it all at once, start on one side and work your way to the other side by swiping your finger back and forth on top of the paper with your eyewear cleaning cloth and in that way attaching the it to your computer. This way you avoid any air bubbles. Do the same thing on the sides of your computer, it doesn't matter if it goes over the screen-part, you'll cut the excess away later. 
Step3: On the corners you can blow on the paper with a hair dryer while at the same time pulling it downwards. The paper will expand and in that way cover your rounded corners without any bubble or wrinkles. Turn your computer up-side-down and do it again but pulling it upwards. 
Step4: Leave your computer up-side-down and put your knife parallel with the table so that you get a straight line and start cutting of the excess paper. 
Step5: If you want to cut out the apple logo that is up to you, just turn on the screen so that you can see the apple thru the paper and start running your knife along the edges of the logo. 

And now you have a pretty computer to use! 

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