Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIY Heart shaped card holders

First time I made one of these was when I made my lemon meringue pie a few weeks ago. I really wanted to put a ''Eat me'' sign on the cake so that the people in my dorm would know that they were allowed to eat the cake. 
This is the solution I came up with! 

What you need:
Metal wire

How you make them: 
Step1: Take a piece of wire that is about 25cm long and bend it a little in the middle. 
It is only the top half that you are going to be shaping into a heart, the lower half is the part that you will stick in your food. 
Step2: Make a small loop with the wire that looks like a up-side-down rain drop. This is the first half of the heart. 
Step3: Wrap the wire around and pull it backwards and up. 
Step4: Make another loop so that you now have a whole heart. 
Step5: Wrap the wire around the part of the wire that you're holding. 
Step6: Pull the wire upwards.
Step7: Make a third small loop behind the heart that is a bit smaller then the other two. 
Step8: Wrap the wire around the part of the wire that you're holding twice and cut of whatever is left of the wire that you're not holding. 
Step9: With the pliers, press everything together that is right underneath the heart.
Step10: Do the same thing again but turn the wire in your hand 90°.
Step11: Now everything should look clean and there shouldn't be any wires sticking out anywhere. 
Step12: Put your place card between the heart and the loop on the back and place it in something, food, a flower, fruit.. anything! 

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