Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coconut caramel

Small treats that actually taste very christmasy (because of the cinnamon). They take a total of 45 minutes to make (including the time in the freezer). 

What you need: 
2dl sugar 
2dl light syrup 
1dl cream 
2 tablespoons cocoa 
1 teaspoons cinnamon 
75g butter 
100g coconut flakes

How you make them: 
Step1: mix the sugar, cream and syrup together in a pot and let it melt together on medium heat. 
Step2: when bubbles have started to form add the butter and stir until it has melted, then add the cocoa and cinnamon and make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture. 
Step3: let it boil for about another 5-10 minutes. You can dip a spoon into the mixture and run it under some cold water. It should be a bit tough to get it away with your teeth. That way you know when it's done. 
Step4: put some baking paper in a pan. I chose one that was 7x20cm and that was perfect for this amount. 
Step5: Pour the mixture into the pan and cover the top with coconut flakes. 
Step6: Put it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes so that it starts to harden and then cut it into pieces with a warm knife. (Just dip the knife in hot water). If the mixture has become to hard just microwave it for a few seconds. 
Step7: Keep them in the refrigerator and take them out right before you serve them.

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