Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shrimp ceviche

Can you think of a dish that is more suitable for spring? Well at least I can't. This ceviche is so fresh, colorful and delicious so that I can't really wrap my head around it! 
The thing that I love about this dish is that all the components are so different but go so beautiful together. You get the sweet taste from the mango, the heat from the chilli and the rest is sort of in between but with so many different textures. 
You can eat it as a meal (at least I have loads of times) but it is mostly used as an appetizer

What you need (meal for two, appetizer for four)
200g shrimp 
one mango
One avocado
One red onion
One red chilli 
the juice from one lime

How you make it: 
Step1: Cut all the ingredients (except the lime) into small cubes that are approximately the same size. Make sure that you get all of the seeds out of the chilli and cut the chilli in smaller pieces then the rest. Then put everything in a bowl. 
Step2: Add the lime juice. 
Step3: Carefully mix everything with a spoon so that everything gets evenly distributed.

Serve it. 
Try not to refrigerate it because it does not keep well and turns brown fast! 
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