Sunday, March 9, 2014

Five details from my weekend at my sisters house

So as you can probably understand from the title I visited my sister this weekend. 
I love her house. I've never been in another home that feels so personal s hers does 
and things change all the time (!!). It can be anything from buying a new couch, 
rearranging a room or re wallpapering her entire kitchen! This is by far one of my 
favorite wallpapers that she has in her house. She has it on one of the walls in her 
living room and I think it's so gorgeous! I fell in love with it the first time that I saw it! 

She has two adorable kittens that are called pikachu and Couscous (yeah.. her kids 
got to name them). 

I always play the piano when I visit.. I don't have my own one so I take the opportunity 
to play while I'm there. 

The thing that was different this time was that she had covered the floor with about
 twenty different carpets!

I took the kids out for a walk on Saturday. 

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