Monday, March 24, 2014

Chocolate Hazelnut

I really like these cupcakes because they're not extremely sweet like cupcakes usually are. They have a very chocolaty cake and a light and not extremely sweet chocolate-hazelnut frosting. 
These take about an hour to make.  

What you need: 

for the cake: 
3 eggs
2.5dl sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
50g unsalted butter
0.25 dl milk
0.75 dl creme fraiche 
2 tablespoons cold coffee
3.5 dl flour
2 tablespoons baking powder 
4 tablespoons cocoa 
a pinch of salt
100g dark chocolate 

for the frosting: 
200g cream cheese
2 dl hazelnut powder
50g melted chocolate 
1 tablespoon cocoa
1 dl confectioners sugar

How you make them: 
Start with the cake: 
Step1: Preheat your oven to 175 degrees Celsius.
Step2: Mix eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar in a bowl so it turns to a white fluffy mixture. 
Step3: Melt the butter.
Step4: Let the butter cool and add the milk, creme fraiche and cold coffee. 
Step5: Combine the two mixtures. 
Step6: In a separate bowl combine flour, baking powder, cocoa and  salt.
Stpe7: Add the dry mixture to the other one one dl at a time. 
Step8. Melt the chocolate and add it to the batter. 
Stpe9: Fill two thirds of the cupcake liners with batter and bake them in the oven for about 15 minutes. Take them out and let them cool 

Then make the frosting: 
Mix the ingredients together and then put the frosting in the fridge for about 15 minutes so that it gets a little harder. 

Then assemble them: 
Pipe the frosting on top of the cake and finish of by sprinkling some grinded hazelnuts on top. 

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Yesterdays little project

I've been looking for a wine bottle holder for a while now since it's not great to have them standing up. The reason why it's not good to have them standing up is that the cork can shrink from not being in contact with the wine and the end result I that the wine goes bad. 

So yesterday I found one at a flea market that bought for 50 krowns (6€). It was so ugly but I figured that I could do something with it. And I'm really happy with the result and it only took me a few hours to finish it. 

I started by removing all the straw around the holders and then I just painted it white. 

So old and so outdated but with some potential. 

Starting to look better!! 

A little white paint usually solves the problem. 

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shrimp ceviche

Can you think of a dish that is more suitable for spring? Well at least I can't. This ceviche is so fresh, colorful and delicious so that I can't really wrap my head around it! 
The thing that I love about this dish is that all the components are so different but go so beautiful together. You get the sweet taste from the mango, the heat from the chilli and the rest is sort of in between but with so many different textures. 
You can eat it as a meal (at least I have loads of times) but it is mostly used as an appetizer

What you need (meal for two, appetizer for four)
200g shrimp 
one mango
One avocado
One red onion
One red chilli 
the juice from one lime

How you make it: 
Step1: Cut all the ingredients (except the lime) into small cubes that are approximately the same size. Make sure that you get all of the seeds out of the chilli and cut the chilli in smaller pieces then the rest. Then put everything in a bowl. 
Step2: Add the lime juice. 
Step3: Carefully mix everything with a spoon so that everything gets evenly distributed.

Serve it. 
Try not to refrigerate it because it does not keep well and turns brown fast! 
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Lovely Links

~ I just can't get enough of this photographers work!
~ If people reacted honestly to baby pictures on Facebook.
~ I am in love with Ellen Pages coming out speech! It's just so inspirational!
~ Loving this African Tribal cover of ''Let it go''!
~ An orchestra actually wrote a piece around a video of a cat playing the piano.
~ 10 Tips for Planning a Brunch for a Large Group.
~ Chestnut layer cake
Genius cut out wrapping paper.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Red chicken pasta

I didn't like the combination of chicken and pasta before, but when I went to New York and to this amazing restaurant in Little Italy I fell in love with it. This is my own little spin-off of that dish. Takes about 15 minutes to make. 

What you need: 
One chicken breast 
a red onion
Half of a red bell pepper
lemon juice
1dl tomato sauce
olive oil

How you make it: 
Step1: If your chicken is frozen start by defrosting it in a microwave for about four minutes. 
Step2: Start searing your chicken in a pan in some olive oil.
Step3: Bring your water to a boil and start cooking your pasta. 
Step4: Cut your bell pepper and red onion into tiny pieces.
Step5: When your chicken is done set it aside on a plate (you can put a bowl on top of it so that it stays warm). 
Step6: In the same pan add some more olive oil and the bell peppers after about a minute the chopped up onion. 
Step7: After about 3 minutes add the tomato juice, a few drops of tabasco, a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt and pepper. 
Step8: When your pasta is done add it to the sauce. Stir it around a bit so that you get the sauce spread out evenly throughout the pasta and then put it on a plate. Slice your chicken breast and place it on top. 
If you have some sauce left you can put that on top and finish of with some fresh thyme. 

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Five things that I need in my closet!

These are five things that I don't know what I would do without. They are my go-to things that I just throw on when I don't know what else to wear or when I don't have time to think of an outfit or haven't planed anything. 

Black skinny jeans are a must. It might sound boring but it is something I wear almost every day. They go with everything, every color and are really easy to wear in a lot of different situations. 
A blazer is something that I wear to school, I wear it to a meetings or just out for lunch. It's such a diverse piece that I just couldn't live without! 
A pair of High heeled booties. The ones on the picture are from Jeffrey Campbell and I have the same ones. I reach for them on a weekly basis because they just make it so easy to look a little more classy and dressed up! 
A pair of Low converse are just so simple to throw on especially during spring and summer ! 
Last but definitely not least we have the Leather Jacket that can bring a little edge to every outfit.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What's in my bag?!


So today I decided to do something I've never done before, I decided to post my first Youtube video! 
It's just a what's in my bag video, the reason for that is because I've been watching them non stop these past to weeks and I felt that I could contribute with my own one! 

I also had another reason for posting this video. I've really wanted you guys to know more about me because I'm the person who writes this blog. I thin that someone's voice is a big part in that so a video would be perfect for that! 
Personally I love to know what bloggers sound like so that I can read their blog posts with their voice in side of my head, so it's kind of like they're saying it instead of just me reading it. 

I hope you like it and if you want me to start making more videos like this just tell me and I will! I had a lot of fun making it and considering that this is the first video I've ever made I am really happy with it! 

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Left over melted chocolate?

Whenever I have some left over melted chocolate after baking I always spread it out on a piece of baking paper and stick it in the freezer. That way it will solidify again and you can just eat it as normal chocolate or use it as a decoration for desserts by just breaking of small pieces. It's so unnecessary to throw things away that you can still use and enjoy! 

If you want to make certain shapes out of it, like cutting squares out of it for example just set it in the freezer for a few minutes so that it just starts solidifying but is still bendy. That way you can easily cut shapes with a knife or just use cookie cutters to get the shapes you like and then just set it back in the freezer until it gets hard. 

Put the chocolate on top of baking paper. 

Spread it out with a spoon or another tool. 

Put it in the freezer for a few minutes, take it out and cut it into pieces and put it back in. 

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Lemon meringue pie

This pie is one of my absolute favorites! I can't get tired of it! 
It's the perfect combination of sour and sweet and ''only'' takes about two hours to make.

What you need: 
For the crust: 
3dl flour
150g butter
2 tablespoons cold water

For the filling:
4 eggs
4dl confectioners sugar
3 large lemons (4 small ones)
150g butter

For the meringue: 
4 egg whites
3dl sugar

How you make the pie: 
Step1: Preheat your oven to 175 degrees celsius.

Start by making the crust
Step2: Mix the ingredients together till they become an even dough and then roll it out with a rolling pin so that is about 0.5cm thick.
Step3: Butter a heatproof pie dish and cover the inside with dough and poke about 30 small holes in the bottom of the crust with a fork.
Step4: Bake the crust in the oven for about 15 minutes so that it becomes golden brown.

Continue with the filling. 
Step5: Melt the butter and let it cool.
Step6: Grate the lemon zest off of the lemon and squeeze the juice out of it.
Step7: whisk the eggs together and add the lemon juice, zest, the confectioners sugar by sifting it into the egg mixture and the butter.
Step8: Pour the filling into the crust and bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes and then let it cool.

Finnish of by making the meringue: 
Step9: Mix the egg whites together with the sugar until it's become fluffy and white. (You should be able to hold the bowl up-side-down for a few seconds without it even moving).
Step10: Spread out the meringue on top of the pie by piping it on top or just using a spoon and then bake it in the oven for a few minutes just so that the top of the meringue gets a few golden brown spots.
Take it out, let it cool and then serve it!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Five details from my weekend at my sisters house

So as you can probably understand from the title I visited my sister this weekend. 
I love her house. I've never been in another home that feels so personal s hers does 
and things change all the time (!!). It can be anything from buying a new couch, 
rearranging a room or re wallpapering her entire kitchen! This is by far one of my 
favorite wallpapers that she has in her house. She has it on one of the walls in her 
living room and I think it's so gorgeous! I fell in love with it the first time that I saw it! 

She has two adorable kittens that are called pikachu and Couscous (yeah.. her kids 
got to name them). 

I always play the piano when I visit.. I don't have my own one so I take the opportunity 
to play while I'm there. 

The thing that was different this time was that she had covered the floor with about
 twenty different carpets!

I took the kids out for a walk on Saturday. 

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Instafavorites from February

 Selfie!  //  Spent an entire night just playing monopoly with some friends and it was so much fun!  //  Sometimes I like to bake cookies.. Surprise surprise :P  //  Loving the red!  

I came home to an unexpected package in my mailbox! A package filled with candy and crystal light from my aunt and uncle! It made my day, and week! 
Now that spring has finally arrived it is about time to bring those pastels out again!  //  Colorful chocolate balls!  //  Love my frames that I've made, check out the DIY section if you want to know how!  //  Finally got to switch from a surgical barbell to a real one after two months! 

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Your coffees best friend

These chocolate balls are the perfect little sweet thing on the side of your coffee after you've had your dinner! They only take about 20 minutes to make and are cute, delicious and not to sweet! This is the recipe I use!

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