Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello, my name is Sofia!

The other day I realized that I've been blogging for over a year and most of you don't know a lot about me. You sit here and read my blog posts but don't really know anything about the person writing them. 
Obviously you know that I'm a girl who loves to bake and who likes to get creative, but that's about it. I drop hints about myself in my blog posts but I figured that it was about time did a little post with a few facts about myself so that you could get to know me a bit better. 

1. I'm a night owl. I can easily stay up till five in the morning if I don't make myself go to sleep earlier and if I don't set an alarm in the morning I most likely won't wake up until the early afternoon. It doesn't matter if I went to sleep 10pm the night before, if I don't set an alarm I can sleep till 2pm. 

2. I have two half-sisters that are a lot older then me. They both have kids, steady jobs and I'm just here trying to figure out what to do with my life. One of them actually has a blog
We all sing, we all paint and we're all very, very different! If you saw us together you wouldn't think that we were sisters. 

3. I have three passports.. Swedish, German and Luxembourgish. 
Born in Sweden, grew up in Luxembourg and my mother became a citizen when I was still 17 so because Iwas a minor I became a citizen too. I have the German one because my father is German and therefore wanted me to have one too.

4. I have a mild form of dyslexia. So if there are any mistakes when I write that's why. Once I was supposed to write tabasco in my blog post, the spell check changed it to tobacco and I didn't notice at all. Then I read thru the post about two or three times, still didn't notice. A friend of mine actually had to ask me if there was supposed to be tobacco in the dish I was making for me to notice that something I was wrong. 

5. I love to sing. I actually participated in all the school musicals that I could be in at my school (5 in total). I was in a band the last two years of high school and I sing.. All the time.. 

6. I hate road trips. I wish that I loved them because I have so many friends that come up with the idea to do a road trip but driving back and forth between Luxembourg and Sweden with my parents my whole childhood totally ruined it for me

7. I live in a dorm together with 15 other people (thankfully I have my own bathroom). 
I love living in a dorm, it is so much fun! I love to be able to go into the kitchen and know that there is always someone to talk to while you eat. When I lived at home it was just my parents and me so I love being around so many people my own age!

This is written on our living room wall, It says ''Six south''. We live on the sixth floor that is pointed south that's why it's called that. 

8. I'm born in Sweden but when I was two my parents moved to Luxembourg because my mother got a job there. I moved back to Sweden when I graduated high school (so when I was 19). I want to be able to say that I know what it's like to live in Sweden since I didn't grow up here so that's why I moved back. 

9. I love going to partys as much as anyone else but I can easily stay in with a good movie while all my friends go out! 

10. I got my love for baking from watching the Cake Boss and cupcake wars! I just loved the pretty cakes and  delicious things and thought ''I could learn how to bake'', and so I did. 

Do you have any questions? go ahead and ask in the comment section below! 

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