Sunday, February 16, 2014

Floating balloons

I am a sucker for balloons. I love them. I think that they're so much fun, they're pretty and they're just such a simple party accessory. When I celebrated New Years in New York in 2008 we went to a restaurant that had covered the ceiling with helium filled balloons and I was just blown away! 
Since then I've used this trick for my birthday party every year, you don't need any helium just household items and I think it looks great!
A friend of mine actually asked me how I got the balloons to stay in the same position the entire time. 

 If you want to know how to make the frame click here

What you need: 
sewing string (In a color that resembles the color you have on your walls). 
(gift wrapping ribbon)

How you make them:
Step1: Blow up your balloons. 
Step2: Tie the gift wrapping ribbon to the balloon if you want to, you can also do it without the ribbon. 
Step3: cut a piece of sewing string that is a good length. 
Step4: Tape one end of the string to the top of the balloon and the other end of the string to the ceiling. 


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