Monday, February 24, 2014

Chocolate bowl

I just love these, they make a normal dessert like a fruit cup or ice cream so much more fun and special! They take a while to make but my guests at a dinner that I organized were really impressed and loved the idea! 

What you need for ten bowls:
400g chocolate
ten balloons 
baking paper 

How you make them: 
Step1: Melt the chocolate
Step2: Blow up the balloons to a fitting size. 
Step3: place the baking paper on a big tray or baking pan so that you can easily move them from your counter to your fridge or freezer. 
Step4: spread out a bit of chocolate on the baking paper. Just a round little circle that is about 4-5cm in diameter. You do this so that the balloon has a flat surface to stand on when it has solidified.
Step5: Dip a balloon in the chocolate and place it on top of the chocolate circle so that it stands up. Do the same thing with all your balloons.
Step6: Place the tray with your balloons on it in the freezer, fridge or maybe on your balcony if its really cold outside so that the chocolate becomes solid. 
Step7: Dip them in the chocolate again so that the chocolate layer becomes thicker and doesn't break as easy and let it solidify again.
Step8: Cut a little hole in the balloon so that the air can escape. 
Step9: Carefully start peeling the balloon away from the chocolate and then you have a chocolate bowl that you can fill with something delicious. I Served this

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