Sunday, January 5, 2014

New York

The city is like a separate world made out of concrete and beautiful buildings.
It's a place like nowhere else. It's New York, and I have arrived!
I haven't been here since 2010 and I am so incredibly happy to be back.
So far Me and Klara have just been walking around in the city, spent way to much money for only having been here for two days. 
The good thing about being here with Klara is that we've both already been here with our families several times so we have already done all the touristy stuff like going up in the Rock or Empire State and all the other things you can think of, so we can just explore the city in a new more exciting way! 

Walked past the LOVE sculpture (by Robert Indiana) on our way to MOMA. 

Bought a pair of simple black pumps (by Vince Camuto) at Macy's today. 

Klara and me. 

Klara eating delicious pancakes! 

Centeral Park. 

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