Friday, January 10, 2014

New York, I love you.

So it's official, I am back home which is bitter sweet. It's great because I can start baking and blogging as usual, provide you guys some great recipes and some more how to's but needless to say I really wasn't ready to leave New York! I had such a great week there with Klara and I didn't want it to end but unfortunately all that is great has an end. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the big apple! 

Upper West side from the east side of the Centeral Park reservoir.

Despite of the signs that say ''don't feel the animals'' we decided to buy a loaf of bread and distribute it to the birds, it was so cold outside (-16C) so we felt a little sorry for them. While doing that we saw this beautiful red bird that i just had to take a picture of! 

Love these decorations at the Columbus circle mall!

I love how you can still see all the old advertisement on this old building and have a new
 building right beside it, just love the contrast between the two! 

 Some small things that i bought. 

Hotel: We stayed at the Urban Oasis hostel that was great! It was really clean, modern and is 
located on 5 west 31st street two blocks from the Empire State! I highly recommend it!

Best night: Klara and I met up with two friends who happened to be in New York the same 
week as us and went to TAO where we ate a delicious dinner and had a few to many peach 
cosmopolitans (so delicious!). Overall it was just such a great night! 

Klara behind her camera. 

Perfection. Of course we had to stop by Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake! 

Klara at Magnolia Bakery. 

Loving the contrast between the old and the new again. 

Our last night we decided to just stay in, eat frozen yoghurt from pinkberry and watch a movie! 
Pinkberry was a block away from our hostel and when we got back from pinkberry with our frozen yoghurt it was colder then it was when we had bought it and our fruit was frozen on the outside.. Yes.. It was that cold outside.

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