Sunday, January 12, 2014

A few new favorite items

Here are some of my favorite purchases from New York! 

 I have a weird thing about agendas, I can't keep one for more then six months so now I found this one in New York and fell in love with it! It's from Kate Spade it's really practical and really girly 
(which I looove). I'm so happy I found it! This time I really hope that I can keep this one for 
more than six months but then again, I say the same thing every time I buy a new one. 

I am in love with these Knock Knock pads, It was so hard to choose between the different 
ones and I keep finding new places that sell them and then I just want more of them! 

What can i say, I just adore the Daisy perfumes by Marc Jacobs so i had to buy this one too. 

I finally found the perfect shade of red. I have been looking for a really dark red shade for about 
three years now! While in New York I just ran in to sephora at the Columbus Circle mall 
and looked around a bit! I always looked in the sections where they had the more expensive 
brands but this time I didn't stay there and it payed off! This is the Rouge Artist Intense Satin Blackcurrant (48) from Make Up For Ever.

Very happy about these shoes, a pair of black pumps is just something that I think every girl needs, 
and I found my perfect pair that are from Vince Camuto. And yes, i know that i blogged abour them 
a few days ago ;). 

At Viktoria's secret i found a Silk robe and night gown that I'm really happy that i bought! 

I never thought i'd be one to buy a pair of Dr martens, but i did.

I've had the same wallet for two years now so I figured that it was time to find a new one that I 
can use for another two years and I adore this one from Michael Kors! 

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