Friday, December 27, 2013

One Year!

Today Violet Details turns one year old! I can't believe that I've already been blogging for one year and that I still think it's so much fun! I thought that it was just something that i would do while i had a lot of free time on my hands in the beginning of this year but I think that it is so much fun to try recipes and create new recipes and then tell you about them! I am definitely going to keep doing it! 
Here is also a belated Marry Christmas to all of you! I hope that you enjoyed Christmas as much as I did! My sister came down to Luxembourg with her kids and I celebrated with them and my parents, first we had Christmas lunch at my dads house and then we opened all the presents at my mothers house so it was a good day! 
Now I have to run to the bus to meet my old classmates at a friends house! I'm so excited because I haven't seen them for so long!

Thank you for this first year and here is a (imaginary) toast to all those years ahead of us!!! Hugs and kisses to all of you!

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