Sunday, December 8, 2013

Five Details

Sending a little love to my family and closest friends so all of my Christmas cards have been signed, sealed and are about to be delivered. 

My dad collects cameras, these are some of my favorites! To the left we have my Nikon D5100 (obviously i had to have my baby in the picture) which is the one I use when I take my photos for the blog, the one to the right is a Nikon EM M90 that I got from my dad a few years back and I just love it because I love using film. 
The reason for that is that instead of taking a bunch of pictures and seeing which one turns out the best you just take maybe one or two because you're only able take 36 pictures with one film so you try much harder to get the perfect picture and often it works out, but then sometimes it doesn't.. 
The other two are from my dads collection, It's an old Leica IIIF from 1957 and a Canon AE-1 that was made in 1976.

I am in love with my new rings from H&M! 

''Is that food?''

Christmas decorations in centeral Luxembourg. 
Whenever the art / deco / furniture store Bonn Frères put up their Christmas decorations it means that Christmas is on it's way! They have had the same decorations for years and years but they are just so simple and classic. Love Love Love!

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