Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas oranges

I have made these for Christmas for as long as I can remember! The smell of the oranges and the cloves instantly reminds me of Christmas and it's just a tradition to make these in my family!

What you need:
Red ribbon (or in any color that you prefer)

How you make them:

Step1: Tie the ribbon around your orange
Step2: Secure the ribbon with needles, two in the bottom and one on top right on the knot. 
Step3: Tie a bow and tie the bow to a knot so that it is secure. Leave about a meter of the ribbon on one side (so that you can hang it somewhere) and cut the other side so that you can't see it. 
Step4: Start making patterns with the cloves by pressing the longer and thinner part into the orange. 

When you are happy with your pattern you can just hang it up on a doorknob, on a curtain rod or anywhere you might like to have it. You can also just skip the ribbon and just place them in a bowl. 

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