Monday, November 25, 2013

Five Details

Oh so happy! Oh so happy! Oh so happy! 
After having so many problems with ordering my iPhone it has finally arrived! The process has been going on for a bit more then a month so now I am extremely happy that it's finally here! 

I went to the cinema with two friends yesterday, we were supposed to see Catching fire but something went wrong when my friend made our reservations so we decided to see Malavita in stead. It is hilarious so I'm very happy that we did! 

The Christmas decorations have resurfaced. The Christmas tree in my dorm has been decorated and the Christmas music has been playing for three days now. It's supposed to start snowing tomorrow and I can't wait! 

I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and cats again this weekend! On Friday I'm going home to Luxembourg to celebrate Thanksgiving with my american relatives and also a Swedish celebration that is called G√•samiddag that we have celebrated every year since I was five. We are five families that get together and eat good food, play games and catch up. 

Loads of love to all of you!

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