Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My travel Handbag

These are the things that you will find in my handbag when I travel somewhere. 
As I am flying to Los Angeles tomorrow I thought that this blog post would be fitting to the occasion! 

Something that makes traveling so much easier is when everything is organized, with having to run back and forth thru airports and catch busses and trains it is just easier if you don't have to think about finding your things all the time. 

My Travel Document holder is essential, it's so nice to have all your tickets, passport and things like that in one place instead of everything just lying around in the bag!

Obviously I have all the normal things like my phone, headphones, wallet, notebook, pencil case, diary, glasses, sunglasses and my little emergency kit which has things like pills against nausea and headache, bandages, hair bands and other things a girl might need in it. 

Something that you always think about is the fact that you are only allowed to bring small amounts of liquids and cream's around you so I always bring small containers of hand cream, Nivea cream and deodorant with me. 
Then I always bring a toothbrush and dental floss because when you travel for a long time it's just an easy way of feeling a little more fresh. I also bring chewing gum for the same reason. 

I always bring my computer or my I-pad with me when I travel even though I might not use them so much but so that I can keep up with updates from my school and things like that.

Something else that you can always find in my bag is a little box with my jewelry in it. A few years ago I went to New York and when I got to my sisters apartment I realized that the jewelry box that I had put in my suitcase had been emptied. Since then I always have it in my handbag or carry on.  
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