Friday, October 11, 2013

LA Times

The main reason why my dad and I went to LA, the John Mayer concert, best concert of my life! I really didn't think that it could be better then the last John Mayer concert I went to in 2010 but it was! I can't get over how talented he is at what he does, is such an amazing entertainer! 
Philip Philips also played and he played some of his songs but also did some awesome covers of for example Lil Wayne's Lollipop and Eminem's Lose yourself. 

The Two and a half men taping was a lot of fun, I have seen Ashton Kutcher with my own eyes so I can die happy now.. Obviously you couldn't bring your phones with you because they don't want you to take pictures. But it was so much fun to see how they film it and to see the all the actors! Also a guest appearance from wonder woman her self! 

We went to some of our favorite restaurants of courseThe paradise cove in Malibu, Green Blatt's and saddle ranch on sunset. Going to the Paradise Cove was the last thing we did before I took my flight home, my dad is going to stay a couple of days. They were recording a movie on the beach right outside our window on the beach. That's a thing I love about LA, You never know when you are just going to stumble on to something fun or exciting!

 We went horseback riding in the Hollywood Hills which we have never done before but I'm sure it's not the last time, you had a great view of the city the whole time and it is something that I would really recommend doing! There is a ranch in the hills called Sunset Ranch where you can do it! 

The thing about this trip that I am probably most excited about is that I got my first tattoo. It's really small but since my dad and I both have it it means a lot. It is the exact paw print from my favorite cat who unfortunately passed away a year ago. 

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