Sunday, October 20, 2013

Five Details

Still so excited about having this new camera! It's so much more fun to take pictures when you have a good camera because you know that the pictures are going to turn out 
so much better! 

Yesterday I finally got my cushion covers that I ordered from I have had three cushions just lying around in my room with out covers since January. I love how they pick up the colors from all the other things in my room, they help tie everything together. 

Another good thing about buying those cushion covers was that I got this knife set for free with my purchase - very happy customer

This is what my life is about at the moment, studying. I am not one to keep up with my studying thru the entire semester (I am the queen of procrastination) I just try to do everything in a short amount of right before the test while hoping that it's enough in the end. Sometimes it is but sometimes it really isn't. 

Today was a not so mellow but a very yellow day. 

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