Saturday, October 5, 2013

First day in LA

After a 25 hour trip we finally arrived in LA. 
Copenhagen to Amsterdam, eight hour flight from Amsterdam to Detroit that was filled with devil wears prada, The September issue and a bunch of other fun movies. Sleep? I don't think so! And then Detroit to LAX. I just never get tired of flying over this city at night, it looks like the biggest most beautiful spider web ever, and something that I also love about LA is that if you drive thru it at night, because of all the hills and lights, it looks like everything glitters.
When we arrived the first thing we had to do was get the rental car at Hertz then drive up to the same bed and breakfast up in west Hollywood that we always stay at and get settled in.
Next thing (same thing as always) dinner at Greenblatt's deli, also known as the best little deli in Los Angeles! It is one of those little places that you just won't notice if you don't know exists.  
It is located right next to the Laugh Factory and if you're ever in LA you should definitely go there! 

Today we only have a few things planed for our stay here, First one as obviously the John Mayer concert in the Hollywood bowl (well it's the reason why we decided to book the trip). After that we got tickets to see the taping of the shows Two and a half men and the Jay Leno show, we've already been to the jay leno show twice but it's always fun! 
Two and a half men are taping this evening so when I'm done with this blog post that's where I'm headed. 
Earlier today we just went to the Grove and did some shopping, went and booked a appointment at a very special place (I'll tell you more about that tomorrow...) this one appointment is what makes this time in LA a bit more special then the other times.. :D 

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