Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dorm party number IV

Last week it was time for my fourth dorm party, also known as a ''tour de chambre''. We have them once or twice every semester and they are so much fun. We have a dinner that usually consists of a main course and dessert, we go to two rooms before dinner, two in between the courses and two after dessert and after we usually go to a club or invite more people to come to our dorm.  

This time the theme was 'songs' and since we are 15 people who live in my dorm we get together in teams of two (one of three) and then every team has to pick a song that the team is going to represent and which room they are going to be in. You are going to dress up, choose a game, choose a drink and decorate your room so that it represents that song.  Amanda (who obviously lives in my dorm) and I we're on the same team and we chose the song 'Happy Birthday' and chose to dress up as children, decorate her room with all kinds of things to make it look like a child's birthday party, so with popcorn, balloons, paper cups with funny straws and all sorts of stuff. 

Our drink was made out of O'boy, milk and mintu (alcohol that tastes like mint). I had never tried it before but it tastes just like you are drinking an after eight. delicious!! 

Our game was twister, since there were 13 people who were going to play the game I figured that we couldn't just use a normal twister game, so I made one. Cut out round pieces of paper, painted them in blue, red, yellow and green, duck taped them to the floor and made it three times as large as a normal game. People loved it! They thought it was so much fun! People who walked past the door stopped to look because it looked so funny! 
It was a great night!


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