Monday, October 28, 2013

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Pumpkin time!  //  Friday was a fun night at Helsingkrona 
Fall is definitely here!!  //  Me? Addicted? To EOS? nooo... 
Selfie!!  //  Bored during class

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Three ways to use a pumpkin.

Now that it's Halloween I felt that it was about time that I made a holiday themed post. 
I started with buying a pumpkin and then carving a face into it but then I thought about other fun things that I could do with it. There was just so much left of it after I was done so this is what I came up with! 
The first thing is obviously the carving of the pumpkin, after I had done that I roasted the seeds and lastly I made a face mask out of the pumpkin meat. Hope you like it! 

Carving the pumpkin. 

You need:
a pumpkin
A pen that you will be able to draw on the pumpkin with
A small but sharp knife

How you make it: 

Step1: Cut a circle around the stem of the pumpkin so that you can use it as a lid.
Step2: Empty the pumpkin and put the seeds and the flesh into a separate bowl. 
Step3: Draw a face, tree, cat, anything you would like to draw on the pumpkin, just remember that you have to be able to cut it out after so I would suggest that you draw it on a piece of paper before actually drawing it on the pumpkin so that you don't get s bunch of ugly lines on the pumpkin when you're done. 
Step4: Follow the lines to cut out your figure. 
Step5: Put a candle inside of the pumpkin and put it in a nice place! 

Roasted pumpkin seeds. 

You need:
Pumkin seeds

How you make them: 
Step1: Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. 
Step2: Try to separate the seeds from the flesh by first using your hands (place them in a separate bowl but save the softest parts of the flesh), then pour water over the seeds that will make them float to the top and separate from the rest. 
Lastly just use a sieve and pour water over them until they look totally clean. 
Step3: Put a piece of baking paper on a pan and then spread out the seeds on top of it.  
Step4: Pour about a teaspoon of salt on top of the seeds and then put the pan very high up in the oven. 
Step5: Every couple minutes take the pan out of the oven an stir the seeds around so that they don't turn black on one side and white on the other. 
Step6: take them out when they've turned golden brown. 

Making a face mask.

You need:
About 1dl of pumpkin flesh
half a teaspoon of cinamon

How you make it:

In a blender just blend the two ingredients together until it looks like a even paste. 

Then clean your face so that you're not wearing any makeup of anything. Apply the face mask and rub it on to your face. Leave it on for about ten to fifteen minutes and then just clean it of with water. This will leave your skin feeling really soft! 
It might not look that good but it smells like if you would smear pumpkin pie on your 
face - delicious! 

Pumpkin is rich of vitamin A (that has a healing affect on your skin), Vitamin C (anti-oxidant) and Zinc, the pumpkin soothes and moisturizer your skin. Cinnamon is good for your skin if you have acne because it stops the acne-causing bacteria. Yes, I have done my research ;)

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pasta with a salmon sauce

This takes about 15 minutes to make and is really good!
I usually don't eat a lot of pasta but this is going to get me back in to the habit of eating it more often.

What you need (for one portion):
Whatever type and amount of pasta you prefer
One salmon fillet (doesn't matter if it's frozen or fresh)
1dl creme fraiche
1dl peas 
A few drops of lemon juice
Salt and pepper

How you make it: 
Step1: Start by frying your salmon, you want to cut it into tiny pieces or you can just break it apart with a spoon while you're frying it.
Step2: start cooking your pasta.
Step3: when your salmon is done add the peas and let them warm up. 
Step4: Take the pan of the heat and add the creme fraiche and let it melt. Add the salt, pepper and lemon juice and just combine everything well.
Step5: take your pasta out of the water and then add them to the sauce in the pan and mix it all together. 
Voila! you're done! 

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Monday, October 21, 2013

The heart above my desk.

This is definitely one of my favorite things about my room. It's a everchanging project where I keep adding things and taking down things. They are just random things like tickets to different events, to do lists, jewelry, post-its, coupons and other fun things. Things that I'll eventually need or just things that remind me of fun times. 
All in all - things that I don't know where to put because they don't belong anywhere. If I put them in a box or a drawer I'll end up not being able to find them when I need them so I just keep them on my wall in the shape of a heart. 

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Five Details

Still so excited about having this new camera! It's so much more fun to take pictures when you have a good camera because you know that the pictures are going to turn out 
so much better! 

Yesterday I finally got my cushion covers that I ordered from I have had three cushions just lying around in my room with out covers since January. I love how they pick up the colors from all the other things in my room, they help tie everything together. 

Another good thing about buying those cushion covers was that I got this knife set for free with my purchase - very happy customer

This is what my life is about at the moment, studying. I am not one to keep up with my studying thru the entire semester (I am the queen of procrastination) I just try to do everything in a short amount of right before the test while hoping that it's enough in the end. Sometimes it is but sometimes it really isn't. 

Today was a not so mellow but a very yellow day. 

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dorm party number IV

Last week it was time for my fourth dorm party, also known as a ''tour de chambre''. We have them once or twice every semester and they are so much fun. We have a dinner that usually consists of a main course and dessert, we go to two rooms before dinner, two in between the courses and two after dessert and after we usually go to a club or invite more people to come to our dorm.  

This time the theme was 'songs' and since we are 15 people who live in my dorm we get together in teams of two (one of three) and then every team has to pick a song that the team is going to represent and which room they are going to be in. You are going to dress up, choose a game, choose a drink and decorate your room so that it represents that song.  Amanda (who obviously lives in my dorm) and I we're on the same team and we chose the song 'Happy Birthday' and chose to dress up as children, decorate her room with all kinds of things to make it look like a child's birthday party, so with popcorn, balloons, paper cups with funny straws and all sorts of stuff. 

Our drink was made out of O'boy, milk and mintu (alcohol that tastes like mint). I had never tried it before but it tastes just like you are drinking an after eight. delicious!! 

Our game was twister, since there were 13 people who were going to play the game I figured that we couldn't just use a normal twister game, so I made one. Cut out round pieces of paper, painted them in blue, red, yellow and green, duck taped them to the floor and made it three times as large as a normal game. People loved it! They thought it was so much fun! People who walked past the door stopped to look because it looked so funny! 
It was a great night!


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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some LA favorites

Crystal light is something that I always take home with me, I have to admit that I'm a little addicted to it. It's just a powder that you mix with water so that it tastes delicious. 
I bought these two books at Kitson, well my dad bought 'F*CK! I'm in my twenties' for me as a joke but it is really funny then as a college student I don't think you can ever learn too many drinking games so I felt that that book was needed.

I got these three small make up kits, well two eye shadow pallets, and a little lip-gloss-kit-thing that you can just carry with you in your purse. My favorite is the small pallet because I think that the colors are great but the other two things are great too! They are from Makeover Essentials and they were doing a promo on Rodeo Drive so I got all three for only 20$. So worth it!
A pair of new Nikes that are so(oooo) confortable, a Michael Kors watch that i have wanted to get for ages, a pair of sandals from forever 21, some makeup brushes from Rite Aid Renewal that are really great and really cheap(!) and some other small make up things. 

Now for my absolute favorites.
I bought a new camera, a Nikon D5100 and I'm so excited about it! Now I can finally take good pictures for the blog and of life in general!
This doughnut pillow is just something I saw at Dylan's Candy Bar. The first thought that popped into my mind was "I need that." it is just so funny and if you would ask my friends that would say that it is very typical of me to buy something like that! 
Last but not leas my EOS lip balms. I am highly addicted to them. They are so great and taste amazing! Obviously one wasn't enough so I bought four instead. 

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Friday, October 11, 2013

LA Times

The main reason why my dad and I went to LA, the John Mayer concert, best concert of my life! I really didn't think that it could be better then the last John Mayer concert I went to in 2010 but it was! I can't get over how talented he is at what he does, is such an amazing entertainer! 
Philip Philips also played and he played some of his songs but also did some awesome covers of for example Lil Wayne's Lollipop and Eminem's Lose yourself. 

The Two and a half men taping was a lot of fun, I have seen Ashton Kutcher with my own eyes so I can die happy now.. Obviously you couldn't bring your phones with you because they don't want you to take pictures. But it was so much fun to see how they film it and to see the all the actors! Also a guest appearance from wonder woman her self! 

We went to some of our favorite restaurants of courseThe paradise cove in Malibu, Green Blatt's and saddle ranch on sunset. Going to the Paradise Cove was the last thing we did before I took my flight home, my dad is going to stay a couple of days. They were recording a movie on the beach right outside our window on the beach. That's a thing I love about LA, You never know when you are just going to stumble on to something fun or exciting!

 We went horseback riding in the Hollywood Hills which we have never done before but I'm sure it's not the last time, you had a great view of the city the whole time and it is something that I would really recommend doing! There is a ranch in the hills called Sunset Ranch where you can do it! 

The thing about this trip that I am probably most excited about is that I got my first tattoo. It's really small but since my dad and I both have it it means a lot. It is the exact paw print from my favorite cat who unfortunately passed away a year ago. 

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

First day in LA

After a 25 hour trip we finally arrived in LA. 
Copenhagen to Amsterdam, eight hour flight from Amsterdam to Detroit that was filled with devil wears prada, The September issue and a bunch of other fun movies. Sleep? I don't think so! And then Detroit to LAX. I just never get tired of flying over this city at night, it looks like the biggest most beautiful spider web ever, and something that I also love about LA is that if you drive thru it at night, because of all the hills and lights, it looks like everything glitters.
When we arrived the first thing we had to do was get the rental car at Hertz then drive up to the same bed and breakfast up in west Hollywood that we always stay at and get settled in.
Next thing (same thing as always) dinner at Greenblatt's deli, also known as the best little deli in Los Angeles! It is one of those little places that you just won't notice if you don't know exists.  
It is located right next to the Laugh Factory and if you're ever in LA you should definitely go there! 

Today we only have a few things planed for our stay here, First one as obviously the John Mayer concert in the Hollywood bowl (well it's the reason why we decided to book the trip). After that we got tickets to see the taping of the shows Two and a half men and the Jay Leno show, we've already been to the jay leno show twice but it's always fun! 
Two and a half men are taping this evening so when I'm done with this blog post that's where I'm headed. 
Earlier today we just went to the Grove and did some shopping, went and booked a appointment at a very special place (I'll tell you more about that tomorrow...) this one appointment is what makes this time in LA a bit more special then the other times.. :D 

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My travel Handbag

These are the things that you will find in my handbag when I travel somewhere. 
As I am flying to Los Angeles tomorrow I thought that this blog post would be fitting to the occasion! 

Something that makes traveling so much easier is when everything is organized, with having to run back and forth thru airports and catch busses and trains it is just easier if you don't have to think about finding your things all the time. 

My Travel Document holder is essential, it's so nice to have all your tickets, passport and things like that in one place instead of everything just lying around in the bag!

Obviously I have all the normal things like my phone, headphones, wallet, notebook, pencil case, diary, glasses, sunglasses and my little emergency kit which has things like pills against nausea and headache, bandages, hair bands and other things a girl might need in it. 

Something that you always think about is the fact that you are only allowed to bring small amounts of liquids and cream's around you so I always bring small containers of hand cream, Nivea cream and deodorant with me. 
Then I always bring a toothbrush and dental floss because when you travel for a long time it's just an easy way of feeling a little more fresh. I also bring chewing gum for the same reason. 

I always bring my computer or my I-pad with me when I travel even though I might not use them so much but so that I can keep up with updates from my school and things like that.

Something else that you can always find in my bag is a little box with my jewelry in it. A few years ago I went to New York and when I got to my sisters apartment I realized that the jewelry box that I had put in my suitcase had been emptied. Since then I always have it in my handbag or carry on.  
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