Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sorry about the absence!

These past few weeks have been a lot to handle! I've had stuff to do all the time and it's hard to catch a break. As some of you might know I went to London last week to visit a friend. After I got back from that I had to start preparing for the new term to start. There have been dinners, parties, meetings and lectures and it will continue like this for about a month!

On Monday I started studying a new subject at a new university, I still live in Lund but now I've started going back and forth to Malmö because I now study at Malmö högskola. Now I study real estate and I am so happy that I've started studying something that I'm really interested in!
I've always wanted to work with houses for some reason, thought about studying architecture, interior design and a bunch of other stuff but real estate sounded the best so I'm finally starting with it!

Now I just have to learn how to manage my time right, with school, working at my nation and blogging and on top of that have a social life. 
It might take a little while but bear with me! 

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