Monday, August 5, 2013

Turning 20 wishlist

In two weeks i will be turning 20, i'm officially leaving my ''teenage years'' - feels so weird!
So i figured i'd just show you some of the things i've been looking at (and really hope that i get for my birthday).

~ A Kitchen Aid is the first thing on my list! Loove love love!
~ Love this bag from Zara!
~ This seems like a great cook book!

~ Think this poster is really cute there are loads of different ones and i really like the style!
~ This seems like a hilarious game! I would love to play it with some of my friends!
~ It wouldn't be too wrong to have an ipad.

~ Really looking for a new watch and i really love this one!
~ Still looking for a new wallet! Love this Tory Burch one! i
~ You can never go wrong with just giving someone money it you ask me. It might be simple and you might not have to put a lot of thought into it but that way you can guarantee that the person really gets something that he/she likes.

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