Saturday, August 17, 2013

That one special day

It happens once every year. It is your birthday.
Something that I do every year on my birthday is to think about what I have accomplished this past year. And it's been quite a lot this year!
- I moved away from home and started a life on my own in a new country where things are so different! Even though I'm Swedish moving so Sweden was a huge change! The people are different and the culture is to! But I love living here, even though I can't see myself staying here after I've graduated from university I love studying here!
- I was accepted into the program (the education) that I want to study so to this fall I'm going to start studying to become a Real Estate Agent! For some reason I've always wanted to work with houses so I thought about architecture, interior design and a bunch of other things but Real Estate Agent felt the best. So I'm so excited that I'm finally going to be able to start this three year education.
- I started the blog which is really fun and even though it's only something that I do on my spare time it's become quite a big thing in my life to be honest!
- I've gotten to know a lot of interesting people and been part of a lot of really fun events!

Those are just some of the things that have happened this past year but I don't want to bore you with the rest!  

So yes, this is one of the things that I do on my birthday. Some times I just feel like I'm not doing anything with my life so it's just a good thing to do.
Remind yourself that all the big and small steps that you've taken are going to lead to something great. It might not be exactly what you planed but I'm sure it will be great!


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