Thursday, August 15, 2013

Retail therapy

Now this is what I like coming home to! A mailbox full of goodies! 
When I was on Öland I couldn't do much so the last week I decided to spend some newly earned money on some new accessories. So all those things arrived plus a birthday present from my sister that I'm not allowed to open till Saturday (can't wait). 

These are the things that I ordered from Asos. (I only ordered underwear from topshop, showing those would feel a little awkward..) 

I got a scarf that I'm really looking forward to using when it gets a bit colder. 
I really loved the color of the beanie, since most of my clothes are black I'm looking forward to adding a pop of color and you know.. gotta keep those ears warm when the temperature starts dropping! 
Then my favorite piece: I mean this watch has cat ears.. How could I not buy it? 

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