Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday goodies!

All in all it was a good birthday! Lots of great presents and loads of phone calls. Even though I had to study for a bit the evening was really great, me and some friends who live in my dorm watched despicable me and ate pizza. Some times it's nice to just take it easy and enjoy good company!

At lunch time I went down to the square and bought my iPad that some family members gave me money for, I also went to Systemet (the liquor store) to buy my first bottle of champagne here in Sweden, the last thing I need is more alcohol just standing around in my room but this was special. It's just something you have to do when you turn 20 in Sweden.
(You're allowed to start drinking alcohol in restaurants and clubs when you're 18 but you can't buy it in stores until you're 20). So I bought one of those pink Mo√ęt bottles, always thought that they were really cute.

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