Sunday, August 11, 2013

A place for all those colors

For a (looong) while now I've just had all my different nail polishes in my bookshelf, and I like being organized so I started looking around on the internet for nail polish racks. I came to the conclusion that they were all too expensive so I thought '' Well.. I'm at my summer house here we have an endless amount of stuff just lying around so - I'm just going to make one myself '' - and I did. 
I am really happy about the end result! And it was really easy to make! 

What you need: 
A frame
Something to use as shelves (a long and thin piece of wood for example)
a rouler
nails (that are a bit longer then the shelf is wide)
A hammer
Paint (only if you want to paint if of course)
you might need a saw too.. 

How you make it:

The frame
~Take everything out of the frame (the glass etc) so that you're only left with.. Well.. The frame. 
~On the back of the frame use the ruler to mark where you want to put the shelves, make sure that the marks you make are the exact same height on both sides of the frame (if they're not you will end up with crooked shelves). Also make sure that the space between the shelves is large enough to be able to put your nail polish. I chose 9.5cm between the shelves.  
~ With a hammer, beat nails into the frame in each one of the marks that you've made on the back of the frame. MAKE SURE that the nails are stable enough to support the shelf so that they don't just fall off. 

The shelves: 
I used a lath that was about 2.5 cm wide, 1cm thick and 3 meters long that I just sawed into pieces that were as long as the frame was broad. I used sandpaper to make them smooth. With the saw I also made small indentations in the shelf right where the shelf would be sitting on the nail. (so that it would become more stable). 
After I painted them white. I wanted my shelves to be white because the walls in my room are white and I wanted the frame to be all about the colors of the nail polish. I didn't just want it to be used as storage, I wanted it to look a bit like a piece of art! 

The last step:
Put the shelves on top of the nails and then superglue them together so that they won't move. Let the glue dry and then you're ready to hang it up on your wall and fill it with all your different nail polishes (or with other things you want to put in it)! 

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