Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Details

Just some sprinkles!

Yes, only one day left now, and then I officially leave my teenage years behind. It's to bad that I wont be able to celebrate tomorrow, I'll be studying all day because I have a big test on the 19th.  

Candy candy candy!

I got my invitation to our annual ball here at Helsingkrona, It's too bad that I won't be able to go (I'll be in Los Angeles that weekend, don't get me wrong - I'm definitely not complaining!) it's a masquerade ball where you have to wear a formal gown and a mask and that is something I have always wanted to go to! 

My dad came to visit the other day, on his way up to Stockholm from Luxembourg. He thought it would be fun to take the motorcycle but when he was going to leave from Lund it was raining cats and dogs so I felt a bit sorry for him. But it was really nice to see him again! 

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