Friday, July 12, 2013

Chocolate balls

Takes about 20 minutes to make and it's really easy! 

What you need:

100g butter at room temperature
1.5 dl sugar
3 tablespoons coco
4dl oats
One teaspoon vanilla sugar 
one tablespoon espresso or normal coffee
2dl grounded up coconut, sprinkles or anything else you would like to roll them in. 

How you make them :

Step1: Combine all the ingredients to a very sticky dough. Make balls in any size you like you can make big ones like the ones on the picture on just bite size pieces. 

Step2: Roll them in grounded up coconut. You can also use confectioners sugar, any types of sprinkles or nuts, whatever you think will go with the chocolaty taste. I chose to make two different ones, so one with confectioners sugar and one with coconut. 
The easiest way to roll them is to just use a wide bowl and but some of your grounded coconut in it and just roll it around till the ball is covered in it.

Step3After you've covered them in your delicious choice of topping put them on a plate and put them in your refrigerator for a few minutes! 
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