Monday, June 17, 2013


Here are a few pictures from the past week here in Luxembourg!

Glad to be home!
Went to my cousins High School Graduation! She graduated 3rd in her class and was elected prom queen! So proud of her! 
Visited my old school together with two of my old classmates Elise and Nathalie.
Every Monday me and Nathalie used to have a double lunch in school (double lunch is when we had our lunch hour and then had another 45 minutes where we didn't have a lesson afterwards).
So every Monday we used to go to Coffee Lounge and have lunch so of course last Monday we had to have lunch at Coffee Lounge - just like old times!  
Every year the senior class has a big BBQ after they have finished their written exams, so they get to take a break from studying between the written exams and the oral exams. Me and some of my old classmates went to this years BBQ and it was a lot of fun! I found it quite funny how I felt so old, even though I only graduated last year!
Amanda came to visit for a few days so we showed her around Luxembourg.

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