Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tandem 2013

So this is what I've been doing all weekend: watch the awesome video HERE!

The whole group together before we left Lund - picture taken by Stefan Johansson

It was awesome! Every year here in Lund (except when we have the carnival every 4 years) there is an event called Tandem. What you do is that you take a bus up to Göteborg from Lund and then you take turns biking back to Lund on a tandem bike.

You decide what Nation you want to go with or if you'd rather go with the people who study the same type of subjects that you do, then you have to get your ticket, in order to do that you usually have to queue for an entire night to get them. I queued for something like 14 hours with the people from Helsingkrona. And that was a lot of fun, they basically just made it into a party so it's not like you had to stand in line for 14 hours.
(A nation is where you can live at or just join to be part of activities and festivities while you go to Lunds university) 

Each group (nation or other) have their own buss and theme. For example, we at Helsingkrona dressed up as Super Mario, the people from LTH (Lunds school of engineering) had an army theme and Västgöta Nation to American football players. 
All together we were 20 busses and about 1150 people.

My group left Lund at 1.30 and arrived in Göteborg at 5.30 (we did some stops on the way and met up with other groups and had lunch). In Göteborg all the people met up at Götaplatsen and we had a giant celebration before the biking started and then at 9 all the groups got there bikes ready and the first couple from each team were on their way. 

The next stop was a party at an IKEA parking lot with a couple of DJs and fun fun fun! So the first bikers biked from götaplatsen to the party. After the party it was mine and Amanda turn. We biked 23km! God I was so tired after that! When we had reached our destination the busses were waiting and then we just switched bikers and we were on our way. We did loads of small stops along the way just to switch bikers.

The next big party was at 3am with more music and then we all met up for breakfast at 8am and then the last big thing was the last switch between bikers when it was the two people from each group who had organized the event together who biked. 

We were home in Lund at around 5pm. 
There were constant parties going on on the busses from the beginning till the end and loud  music! It is definitely a weekend to remember and I'm so doing it again in two years! 

On our way to Göteborg.
Met up with Klara and Lovisa in Göteborg.
After the IKEA parking lot party and right before me and Amanda started biking - Picture taken by Amanda

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