Monday, May 27, 2013

Five Details

Bought these adorable tape rolls at TGR for just 20 krowns for 6, so cute!

I packed a small bag and drove up to my summer house on Öland (an island outside the cost of Sweden) with my mother to meat up with my sisters and their families. 

I just love being here at our summer house, it's so cosy! Right now we are 4 kids between the age of 7 months and 8 years, my two older sisters, one of their husbands and my mother. So 9 people in total. It's a lot compared to what I'm used to, but its great to see everybody! 

Celebrated mothers day yesterday, out of me and my two sisters I am the only one who doesn't have children and let me tell you - I am not in a hurry! 

One of my adorable /crazy nieces! 

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