Thursday, April 25, 2013

Half-half Meatballs

Today I made flat meatballs that are made of meat and veggies, quite healthy and delicious!
With this recipe you get around 20 meatballs so about 5 portions

What you need is:

500g minced meat
150g green peas
150g broccoli
100g carrot (one medium sized carrot)
150g red bell pepper
4 tablespoons flour

Step1: Puree the veggies and add the flour to the mixture. 

Step2: Mix the veggies with the minced meat and add the salt pepper and about a teaspoon of tabasco. 

Step3: Make small balls out of the mixture and just flatten them a bit. Make sure that they are compact so that they stay together when you fry them, if they're not they'll just fall apart and you don't want that to happen. 

Step4: Fry them in a pan with butter or olive oil on medium heat until done. 

Step5: Serve them with a side like potatoes or rice, you can allso just eat them with sallad like i did. 
Obviously you can make them with any type of veggies that you prefer! :)

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