Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter weekend

So last weekend I went to visit my tiny sister who lives in a t town here in Sweden in her tiny house, she has a tiny car and 3 tiny kids. So here are a couple of pictures from my visit. 
Of course my sister wanted me to make cupcakes while I was there so I did, and the kids really liked them! Well of course they love anything that contains sugar.. 
My sister has a really beautiful house that I love! She keeps redecorating, putting up new wallpaper and buying new furniture, its a never ending project! 

(left) - First the two oldest kids sheared a room but as they got older Lina and her husband Martin realized that they would need their privacy so they built a wall in the middle of there room and then they divided that new smaller room into two rooms and this is the result, the kids love it and it looks great! (right) - I just love this wallpaper with the pink flowers!  It goes so well with the rest of the room! 

(Left) - my niece was waiting for me to Finnish baking so that she could finally eat a cupcake. (Right) - My nephew took a photo of me and my sister sitting on the back of her house after we had gone for a little walk. 

(Left) - My sister has a cat, August, and he's so adorable! He's always around when you're outside and loves me a lot because I always spend a lot of time with him when I'm there. 
(Right) - I made two types of cupcakes, a hazelnut cupcake with hazelnut frosting and a chocolate cupcake with a meringue frosting. 

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