Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dorm Party number III

Yesterday was fun! We ate tacos (top picture) and played hilarious games and one thing that we did different this time was that we had our party on a Saturday so instead of going out after we decided to invite a bunch of people instead. 

The Game we played we Mika and I had in our room was what we call ''the pointing game'' (middle picture). What you do is that you write down a bunch of questions like ''who has the nicest room?'', ''who is more likely to break the law?'' or ''who is the best singer?''. When you count to 3 and then at the same time everyone pints at the one they think is the most likely to for example break the law. 
If everyone points at one person (except for the person who they're all pointing at obviously) you have to explain why or just say something about it. 

The thing with our dorm parties is that they always have a theme and then you get divided into groups of two and then you decide what you want to dress up as. This theme the theme was ''oposites'' so Mika and me (left) decided that we were going to dress up as water and fire. 
Panos and Harald (middle) were ''old and young'' and then the one that I thought was the funniest was Caroline and Isa (right), they decided that they were going to dress up as two guys in our dorm George and Panos, because they're so different!

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