Sunday, April 28, 2013

The only productive thing I've done all day...

I went to the gym with Klara... 

Good week!

Bought this new blouse that I absolutely love!  //  Went to a restaurant for the first time in ages!  

My friend Elise has this awesome door mat that I love! It says ''Hello'' in Luxembourgish and one of those has been on my shopping list since I first moved here but I just haven't gotten around to buying one yet!  //  Went to Helsingborg for the first time with some friends. 

I've been relaxing way to much this week! I have so much to do but instead of starting I just keep thinking ''what should I start with? I have to do this, this, this and that soooo I'll just stay in bed and watch another episode of friends.''  //  Best of all - Spring has finally arrived! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

27.04.13 Helsingborg

Went to Helsingborg with Amanda, Harald and George today. We met up with Amandas little brother. Ate some lunch and just walked around, went to a fair and drank coffee. It was a really nice day.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I just Love

I just love these pencils! they are so adorable! you can get them at Etsy

Half-half Meatballs

Today I made flat meatballs that are made of meat and veggies, quite healthy and delicious!
With this recipe you get around 20 meatballs so about 5 portions

What you need is:

500g minced meat
150g green peas
150g broccoli
100g carrot (one medium sized carrot)
150g red bell pepper
4 tablespoons flour

Step1: Puree the veggies and add the flour to the mixture. 

Step2: Mix the veggies with the minced meat and add the salt pepper and about a teaspoon of tabasco. 

Step3: Make small balls out of the mixture and just flatten them a bit. Make sure that they are compact so that they stay together when you fry them, if they're not they'll just fall apart and you don't want that to happen. 

Step4: Fry them in a pan with butter or olive oil on medium heat until done. 

Step5: Serve them with a side like potatoes or rice, you can allso just eat them with sallad like i did. 
Obviously you can make them with any type of veggies that you prefer! :)

Caramel decorations

This is probably the easiest recipe ever!

What you need to make the caramel is:

2dl light syrup
2dl sugar
2dl cream

step1: Put a pot on your stove and mix the ingredients together and then let them cook on medium heat until the mixture has gotten a dark golden brown color and dip a spoon in the mixture and hold it in a glass of cold water, if it gets rock hard it's done.

Step2: spread baking paper out on a flat surface and then pour some of the mixture out on the paper and spread it out with a spoon so that it becomes flat and a bit see thru.

Step3: the caramel will become solid really fast, when it has just break it into pieces and decorate away! 

Step1:  mix the ingredients together in a pot and then let them cook on medium heat until the mixture has gotten a golden brown color do what we in Sweden call a ''kulprov'' which is when you take some of the mixture on a spoon, put the spoon in cold water and then try to make a really small ball out of the mixture, if you can that means that it's done and you can take it of the stove. 

Step2: spread baking paper out on a flat surface and then pour some of the mixture out on the paper and spread it out with a spoon so that it becomes flat and a bit see thru.

Step3: The caramel should now be easy to peel of of the baking paper, do that and cut then in small pieces like on the picture below. First in thin strips and then diagonally into smaller pieces, take the pieces and hold them in opposite edges and then twist. Then you get something that looks a bit more fun. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pink layered bumblebee cake

I got the recipe from one of my favorite cook books Miette and just added the meringue.
There are 4 things you have to do - make the cake, make the Ganache, make the meringue and assemble the cake. So just follow these steps and you're good to go! 
I recommend the you READ the entire recipe before you start baking, then you kinda have a clue that you're about to do and still have left to do. ENJOY!

What you need for the cake:
1 2/3 cups (4dl) flour
2 teaspoons baking powder 
3/4 teaspoons salt 
7 ounces (200g) unsalted butter 
1 cup (2.25dl) sugar 
10 large egg yolks 
2/3 cup (1.5dl) buttermilk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 

3 tablespoons of syrup

For the chocolate ganache:
10 ounces (280g) 62% chocolate
2/3 cup (1.5 dl) powdered sugar
3/4 cup and one teaspoon (2dl) heavy cream
2 large egg yolks
3 tablespoons unsalted butter

How you make the cake:

Step1: Put some baking paper inside three 8-by-2-inch (20-by-5-cm) pans. Put a piece on the bottom and a long piece around the sides (or two short ones). 
(you can allso use 6-by-3 inch pans (15-by-7-cm) then the cakes get thicker). 
If you don't have three pans just use the same one three times but change the baking paper before   you use it again. 

Step2: preheat your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius).

Step3: Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl. 
If you don't have buttermilk - mix 2/3 cup (1.5dl) milk and a teaspoon of lemon juice in a bowl and put it aside for about 15 minutes. Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites (save some of the egg whites if you want to make meringue).

Step4: Combine the butter and the sugar until it's become fluffy and light colored (for about 10 minutes).

Step5: Add the egg yolks in three additions. Mix for about two minutes after each addition and scrape down the sides before the next addition.  

Step6: Stir together the buttermilk and the vanilla in a separate bowl. 
Add the sifted ingredients to the egg mixture in 3 additions, in between each addition of the dry ingredients add the buttermilk in two additions. ( so dry-milk-dry-milk-dry) and mix the batter really well after each addition. 

Step7: Divide the batter into three separate bowls and make sure that there is almost the same amount of batter in each one. Then add the food coloring. 

Step8: spread the batter into the pans and bake them for about 25 minutes. Until the cakes are lightly brown on the top, stick them with a toothpick and if the toothpick comes out clean take them out and let them cool on wire racks (or just on the wire pans you use in the oven).

How you make the Ganache:

Step1: Chopp the chocolate into small pieces and combine the chocolate and the powdered sugar in a heatproof bowl. 

Step2: In a saucepan bring the cream to a gentle simmer and then add it to the chocolate and stir until the chocolate has melted. 

Step3: Place the bowl with the mixture on top of a sauce pan with simmering water in it until the mixture has become smooth.

Step4: Whisk the egg yolks. In a separate heatproof bowl take about half a cup (1dl) of the chocolate and mix it together with the eggs, then pour the mixture with the eggs into the other mixture and whisk to combine it well. 

Step5: put the ganashe aside. 

Make the Meringue.    

Follow the link above to find out how you make the meringue.
The meringue needs to be in the oven for about 50 minutes to an hour so start assembling the cake during that time. 

How you assemble the cake:

Step1: Find a big plate, a cake stand or whatever you want to place your cake on. 

Step2: Take the bottom layer of the cake, place it on the cake stand, pour one tablespoon of the syrup on top and spread it with a pastry brush. 
On top of that pour half a cup (1dl) of chocolate ganache and spread it out to an even layer with an offset spatula. 

Step3: place the next cake layer on top and do the same thing as before.

Step4: place the last cake layer on top, spread the syrup on top and now pour the rest of the ganache on top of the cake. Let it run out on the sides of the cake and then with the spatula make sure that the top and the sides of the cake are all covered with chocolate. 

(if you don't want to have meringue on top make sure the the layers are nice and even.)

Step5: take the meringue out of the oven, let them cool down and then place them on to the cake. They stick so just place them on the sides and everywhere. 



What you need to make them:
A pinch of salt 
3 egg whites
2dl sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice
food coloring - optional

How you make them:

Step1: Preheat your oven to 100 degrees Celsius.

Step2: Separate your egg yolks from your egg whites. 

Step3: Whisk the egg whites and the salt until it's become a hard foam. 

Step4: Add the sugar and whisk until the foam has become shiny.

Step5: Add the lemon juice and the food coloring.

Step6: Put some baking paper on top of a baking sheet and either pipe the mixture on top of the baking paper or just use a spoon. 

Step7: bake for about 50 minutes to an hour. Take them out, let them cool and then eat them or use them as decoration for something. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Je Voudrais

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Six details

Top left : Only 16 days left until my certain someone is coming to visit me in Lund, I can't wait!
Top middle : Miette - my Favorite cookbook! You can buy it here
Top right : Finally got my phone cases, I thought the red one was going to be a dark pink but oh well.. 

Bottom left : A Swedish cookbook filled with yummy recipes fore macarons.
Bottom middle : I got bored a couple of weeks ago and decided to paint a bit, figured I hadn't done it in a while.  
Bottom right : Food food, delicious food. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pizza Pizza Pizza

What you will need for the dough is: 

50g fresh yeast
2 teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt 
0.5 dl olive oil
3 dl lukewarm water
7 dl flour 
How you make it: 

Step 1: Mix the water, yeast, sugar, salt and olive oil.

Step 2: mix in the flour a little bit at a time until it's become an elastic dough, then add the rest of the flour till it looks like the big picture below. 

Step 3: Let the dough ferment underneath a cloth for abut 25 minutes. 
Step 4: Preheat your oven to 250 degrees Celsius. 

Step 5: When the dough has fermented devide it into two parts and just roll them out with a rolling pin in any shape you like and then add your toppings. 

Start with the tomato sauce and then for some reason I like to have my cheese on the sauce under the rest of the toppings (i put it in the oven for just about one or two minutes so that the cheese starts to melt and then take it out and add the rest of the toppings). I choose to use yellow bell peppers, red onion, mushrooms and mozzarella. Then I sprinkled some oregano, salt and black pepper on top and when I took it out of the oven I put some sliced cherry tomatoes on top. 

Step 6: Put the pizza in the oven for about 15 - 20 minutes and then take it out and enjoy!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dorm Party number III

Yesterday was fun! We ate tacos (top picture) and played hilarious games and one thing that we did different this time was that we had our party on a Saturday so instead of going out after we decided to invite a bunch of people instead. 

The Game we played we Mika and I had in our room was what we call ''the pointing game'' (middle picture). What you do is that you write down a bunch of questions like ''who has the nicest room?'', ''who is more likely to break the law?'' or ''who is the best singer?''. When you count to 3 and then at the same time everyone pints at the one they think is the most likely to for example break the law. 
If everyone points at one person (except for the person who they're all pointing at obviously) you have to explain why or just say something about it. 

The thing with our dorm parties is that they always have a theme and then you get divided into groups of two and then you decide what you want to dress up as. This theme the theme was ''oposites'' so Mika and me (left) decided that we were going to dress up as water and fire. 
Panos and Harald (middle) were ''old and young'' and then the one that I thought was the funniest was Caroline and Isa (right), they decided that they were going to dress up as two guys in our dorm George and Panos, because they're so different!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Homemade orange Macarons

What you need:
2 egg whites
0,25dl sugar
2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
2.5dl confectioners sugar
1.5dl almond flour 
A pinch of salt

For the filling:
1 egg
1dl orange juice
60g sugar
10g Maizena flour 
the zest from one orange

How you make them: 

Step 1: mix the confectioners sugar with the
almond flour and sift it into a bowl.

Step 2: whisk the egg whites together with a salt until it's become a hard foam. 
Then add the sugar and the food coloring and keep mixing it until the meringue has become blank. 

Step 3: Carefully add the almond mixture to the    meringue. It should look the same as before just a bit more fluid. Make sure not to mix it to hard so that the egg whites don't loose their consistency. 

Step 4: Spread baking sheets out on a pan and pipe the batter in even sizes. 
Let them sit out in room temperature for an hour and then put them in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for about 12         minutes. Let them cool down before you touch them. 

How you make the filling: 

Step 1: Mix the sugar and the Maizena in a bowl. Add the orange juice. Whisk the egg and add it to the mixture. Add the zest. 

Step 2: pour the mixture into a sauce pan and let it cook on medium heat for about 5 to 10 minutes. Until it gets the consistency of jam. Put it in a bowl and let it cool down in room temperature. 

Step 3: Spread the filling on top of a macaron half and then put another one on top that is the same size. Then you're done!


Breakfast in bed

One of my favorite thins to eat for breakfast is scrambled eggs with melted mozzarella and chopped tomatoes on top. 

What you need: 

2 eggs
1 tablespoon of cream 
75 g mozzarella
4 cherry tomatoes
A pinch of salt
A  pinch of pepper

How you make it:

Step 1: mix the eggs and the cream, mix it together and scramble it. If you don't know how to scramble eggs just click here

Step 2: Put the eggs on a plate and cut the mozzarella into small cubes and chop the tomatoes. Sprinkle the mozzarella on top of the eggs and put the plate in the microwave for about 40 seconds so that the mozzarella melts a bit. 
Sprinkle the tomatoes, pepper and salt on top and dig in!  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink

Right now people in Lund are really scared of drinking tap water, apparently there is some kind of bacteria in the water. I was really surprised that that had never happened here before, I talked to a friend of mine and she said that she had never herd of it. 
I've experienced it about three or four times, maybe it's because it's warmer in Luxembourg or something.. Honestly I can't be bothered to care about it.. 

When I went to the store yesterday this is what the shelves (that are supposed to be filled with water) looked like.. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Top left : Thinking of you. 
Top middle : Abrick Macaronn is where you can get the best Macarons in Lund! 
Top right : Red red red. 

Bottom left : My friends in my dorm always find it odd how I always want my food to be plated nicely.
Bottom middle : We've finally started working with statistics in my psychology class! So excited about that to be honest! 
Bottom right : Me and Amanda served another lunch here at Helsingkrona on Monday and this is what I made for dessert, a mini chocolate cake with whipped cream and caramel on top. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stripes stripes stripes

I know that the hype about black and white striped clothing and accessories has died out a bit but I still really love it! I've always thought that it looks really good and really love when you just combine a striped blazer or button-down shirt with a pair of black pants, it just makes your outfit a bit more exciting. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Those straps - ♥

I just love Zara's shoes! They always manage to come up with new amazing looking designs and they always look classy and are easy to combine with loads of different outfits! So of course you can buy all these shoes at Zara, I doubt that all of them are in stores at the moment but you can just buy them online if you click on the link above! 

Out of these ones the red ones are probably my favorite pair, you can get them in black too but I just love the simplicity of the design. Which one do you like the best? 
Love love love! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Little Black Jacket

"The little black Jacket" is a book filled with Pictures taken by Karl Lagerfeld of people wearing a new modern version of the original little black jacket redisigned Karl Lagerfeld. Want want want! Unfortunately I go to university = I have to spend my money on other things than books.. well books that I don't need for my classes.. so I guess I'll have to wait for my birthday :)
If you want it you can buy it on amazon.   

Thursday, April 4, 2013


What you need: 

2dl sugar
2 dl syrup
2.5 dl Cream

3 teaspoons cocoa
2 teaspoons of sugar
1 fresh chilli 
3 drops of tabasco 
half a teaspoon of black pepper

30 grams of butter

200 grams of dark chocolate

How you make them: 

Step 1: cut the chilli in half and take out all the seeds and throw them away. Then cut it in really fine pieces so it almost looks like a paste. 

Step 2: mix it together with the cocoa, 2 tablespoons of sugar, the tabasco and the black pepper. Make sure that it's an even mixture so that there are no lumps in it.  

Step 3: Cook the syrup, the last two dl of the sugar and cream together until its has a dark golden brown color and then do what we in Sweden call ''kulprov'' which is when you take some of the mixture on a spoon, put the spoon in cold water and then try to make a really small ball out of the mixture, if you can that means that it's done and you can take it of the stove. 

Step 4: Add the chilli mixture and the butter to the syrup mixture and mix it all together.

Step 5: Put baking paper in a form that you think will work and then spread the mixture out on top of the baking paper so it's about 1cm thick. Let it cool down but not for too long! You still have to be able to cut thru it with a knife!

Step 6:Melt the chocolate. 

Step 7: Take the mixture out of the form and then cut it into bite size pieces.
Stick a toothpick into it and then dip it into the melted chocolate. 
Spread out baking paper and then place the pieces on top so that you can easily remove them when they're done.

Step 8: f you want to you can sprinkle some black pepper and sugar on top but do it before the chocolate hardens so that it'll witch.