Friday, March 8, 2013

Stress -Panic - Home.

Today I went back home to Luxembourg and I wish that I would be able to say that I had a calm morning, where everything went as it should and there were no problems what so ever... But no. 
At 4.40am a taxi was going to pick me up from my building and drive me to the train station where I was going to take the train at 5 and then have enough time to walk around at the airport till  my plane left at 8. 

I stayed up till 3am and thought that I would just take a quick nap and then wake up at 4.. Did I wake up at 4? No. I woke up at 6.25... F***. I called a taxi, took the next train and actually got to the airport at 7.15.
I don't think that I've ever woken up and gotten out of the house that fast before in my life! 

Thankfully the Plane was delayed so I got to walk around at the airport and calm down.. Insane! 

But I got home, had lunch with Nathalie who is a good friend of mine! 
In our senior year me and Nathalie always had a long lunch on Mondays so we would always go to this place called Coffee Lounge and eat lunch there. 
So obviously we did the same thing today, for old times sake.

After that we walked around in Town and then she had to leave so I went to Auchan and bought some stuff before I had dinner with my parents.

The only thing my parents want me to bring home to Luxembourg from Sweden :

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